Burning The Family Tree

by Insult To Injury

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released August 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Insult To Injury Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Clairvoyant
Negative thoughts like a black hole hold the future
A vivid world changes for the worst before our eyes
More blood shed of the innocent than tears cried of those helplessly standing by
What forebears once built upon unity, slowly dies in the palm of the wrong hand
We are damned; we are imbecile
Open the eyes of the children as their short lives flash before them
Cleanse yourself of all burdens you’ve once borne
Liberty was just a fabrication to make us feel sheltered
Now the realization comes, soon we all die
Foolishly believing everything portrayed in front of us
We will always be one step closer to eternity
There are better things to perish for
There is no hope left
Track Name: Hardhearted
Commit this to memory
Not all that you see will be what it seems
Disguises, a wolf among sheep
Deception, oh how can you sleep?
Do you not know what you've done to me?
Ravaged and rotten, all compassion forgotten
A fear of fate flooding your thoughts
Let the karma consume you whole
You get what you deserve
I knew all along whom you’d turn out to be
I pray that God sends you relief
But you felt his love, but didn't care
Never glancing back at the ones who brought you here
We were foolish to think you’d change
Some things never change
Grenade in a glass house
But yet your mouth stays running
You're trapped inside with no way out
You cannot make a sound
I knew all along whom you’d turn out to be
I pray that God sends you relief
You felt his love, but didn't care
Never glancing back at the ones who brought you here
We were foolish to think you’d change
Some things never change
I watched you swim in your own blood, torn limb from limb
You’ve done this to yourself
Because the voice of reason could’ve guided your way
Track Name: The Highest Noose
Faith in me is like a hollow glass
After twenty years, you still hold hate inside your heart
The scent of white wine fills the air each time you pass
Judgment and neglect was what tore this family apart
I’d hang you both from the highest noose
No stool to guide your feet
There never should have been any emotional abuse
Our family could have been more discreet
You have no part in my future; you’ve made it this way
I chose to make myself happy and lay you, my creator, in your grave
You are no longer my mother, but now a piece of the earth, as you decay
I’ve buried you next to your groom, whom I had no intention to save
Did he manipulate your thoughts of me?
I bet he took every positive word you said and made you choke on them
Track Name: King Of Terrors
Tired eyes looked for purpose in all the wrong places
Putting my faith into unfamiliar faces
I almost gave up; I almost ended my life
I realized I had one last fight
I am the only one who can change, change the mistakes that I’ve made
Not the past, but my future, and I’m glad that I stayed
I will never go back, I’m going to be the light I want to see
Because true happiness starts within me
Track Name: Bastard Child
I need you now, like oxygen to breathe
Track Name: Feign
With lies like spider webs, I'm caught within the nonsense you've filled in my head
Lack of reasoning and judgment, our world was abundant, but isn't that the way it always seems?
Drinking away your sorrows because I'm gone, you're a wreck, while looking for a place to belong
Our future seemed so promising and bright, burning my pupils upon first sight
But with time came wisdom and it didn't take long to realize who you'd been all along
A serpentine, you slithered your way into me
Viscous scales, bruising every inch of my heart
Poisonous bite, you thought you'd have me wounded for the rest of my life
You're just a memory, a fading memory
You're nothing in this world without me
Track Name: Left Behind
A crack in our hearts, a void you once filled
And now you’re gone from the world that together we built
Bitter does not do justice to the feelings we reap
But now we hold, all we hold, is the burden of all your deceit
Nothing worth having comes easy
We thought you lived by the words that you preached
Brotherhood is more than blood, rather concrete
You’re departure is unsettling, so different than we were imaging
The dreams we set out to achieve, but yet you say you don’t believe
We’re going anywhere, quicksand at our feet
We’ve pulled it together and will never accept defeat
The strong have remained, we have moved on