Dead Weight

by Insult To Injury

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released January 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Insult To Injury Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Genesis
Just a pawn in this system, you have no value
What are you looking for?
What do you hope to gain from this life?
I am no savior I cannot help you out
Of this hole you dug yourself into
You have no future in this world
You have no purpose here
You have nowhere else to go
You live on false hope
Rid your mind of false hope
Track Name: Changes
I stand here by myself, broken and bruised from the words you said
Do you remember that?
“You will be nothing so give up now”
I’ll prove you wrong; I wont let go, of this dream meant to be reality
No, you are a coward so run and hide
While I work harder to take what’s mine

Will you even recognize me?

I’ve allowed these changes to alter me
I've given up on everything you've ever lied to take it back
On my own, I’ve become more than you
These changes in me will be the death of you.
Track Name: Expectations
I’ve given up on you now
I wanted this in the worst way
Don’t you see that you are just killing me
Your expectations are putting me into the ground
I thought all this was supposed to help

“You wont make it out alive
But I wont give up on you tonight”

I put everything aside for you
What happened to everything we’ve been through?

Am I just nothing to you now?
I thought we had this all figured out.
What do you want from me?
Because right now my futures hard to see clearly

I thought you wanted to help me
I thought this was meant to make me grow

I guess I was not a priority
The least you could have done was let me know

I’ve moved on from this situation..
I’ve moved away from your expectations
This is the end of your reign
Track Name: Sacrifices
Hold your breath, these walls are closing in around us
Once again were stuck with no way out of this
Empty roads lead to empty homes, and empty homes are no place for this man

I escaped to find whats right for me, with no map here for the journey

Thousands of lying eyes and hundreds of handshakes x 2

Ive learned your all the same with something to prove
So fake and eager to follow who looks best to you.

Think for yourself
Don’t let anything stop you
Let go of the things these men promised you

Nothing comes without sacrifice, and I know this to be true (know this to be true)
Im begging for something in my life to call my own (call my own)
Something away from the misery I call my home (call my home)
Take me back to the times when things were so easy

I, gave it all to you
There’s, nothing left to lose
Let, go of all my fears
Moving forward without you here

I sacrificed everything for you.
Track Name: Dead Weight
Cut you out, you’ve lost yourself in this lifestyle that you've chosen
Can you see now? How much work we've put in to this, this thing we call ours.
You have had no, part in this. So now see from my eyes, now you see what it's like to see from my eyes.
You are deadweight to me. Deadweight to us.
And now your gone,
You decided to be that way, I had no say in the choices you made
You, lost all of my respect, and won't ever get it back. Won't ever get it back.
We will move on, leaving you behind.
We will move on, and only get stronger.


Your selfish ways judge the decisions you make and we cannot have it that way.
I won't allow you to deceive me, we won't let you deceive us

Cut the deadweight
Remove the loose ends that bring you down.

I gave it my all, I tried to make you see what went wrong but you just pushed me to the side